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Sewer Cleaning



ClearView Surveys can provide a variety of high pressure water jetting vehicles ranging from compact van mounted jetting units to large jet-vac suction units capable of removing silt, debris, roots and heavy encrustation along with clearing general blockages in sewers, drains and culverts ranging from 100mm to 1500mm in diameter.


Depending on the type of cleaning required a suitable machine will be selected from either high volume for removal of large amounts of silt and debris or a high pressure machine up to 10,000psi for removal of roots or scale.


Each unit comes complete with a variety of nozzles and up to 200m of hose to ensure that all cleaning works are carried out as efficiently and effectively as possible.



All operators trained to water jetting association standards




Liquid ring suction units for maximum productivity




Wide variety of jetting units available to suit all applications





CCTV Surveys


ClearView Surveys are capable of surveying pipe and ductwork from 100mm up to 1500mm diameter. Utilising the latest generation of digital inspection systems and custom made survey units we are able to provide the solution to a wide range of CCTV survey requirements.

Mini mainline units are equipped with flexible coiler and tractor systems for surveying up to 600mm diameter... Read more

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Remedial Repairs


ClearView Surveys are able to offer a variety of drainage repair techniques ranging from no-dig localised patch repairs, full length liners to replacement by excavation. Depending on the site conditions and the defects within the pipeline, ClearView Surveys experienced engineers will decide in conjunction with the client on the appropriate repair technique to be utilised...
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Cutting equipment


Water Cutting


ClearView Surveys are capable or removing large tree roots, scale, cement and fat build up in pipelines from 150mm diameter utilising directional water cutting equipment. Removal of these obstructions within pipelines by mechanical methods is often time consuming and can cause damage to the host pipe, whereas due to... Read more


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Utility Surveys


ClearView Surveys are capable of providing experienced manhole survey teams who can accurately assess the location, condition and connectivity of manholes and chambers. The survey details pipe and chamber sizes, cover and invert levels, along with the overall condition of the chamber, steps and benching. Also to ensure that the client has all relevant...
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